Through Harwood Learning Experiences you can Turn Outward, take action rooted in the community, and stay true to yourself.


Harwood learning experiences start where you start. Whether you’re looking to be more effective in your own work, want to help your team be more intentional and aligned, or you want to reorient and equip your entire organization, network or community – we have learning experiences for you:

Intentionality Forum

The foundation of the Harwood approach: From more than 20 years of experience with tens of thousands of Public Innovators, we know that your ability to make more intentional choices and judgments is the key factor in shaping the impact you have. Intentionality – being wakeful, aware of what we see, hear, and choose to do – sits at the heart of all meaningful public work.

The Intentionality Forum is a highly interactive one-day community event for up to 100 people that provides the foundation for the Harwood approach by focusing on: what it means to Turn Outward, how to surface and work on people’s shared Aspirations, and the 3A’s of Public Life (Authority, Authenticity, and Accountability).

Created as a way for people to develop their ability to make more intentional choices and judgments, this course provides people with a deeper understanding of the importance of intentionality, a reorientation toward public life, and a set of tools to get started. Learn More…

Public Innovators Lab – Next Lab is Oct 8-10 in Atlanta. Register!

Immersion and Application: The Harwood Public Innovators Lab is a three–day immersion in the core elements of the Harwood practice and how to apply it in your daily work. The Lab helps people develop and deepen their existing work and uncover the best way to move your community forward.

The Lab provides both the foundation of the Harwood approach (Intentionality) coupled with a strong focus on concrete application.  The Lab also goes deeper than the Intentionality Forum by adding in Community Rhythms, Public Knowledge, and Innovation Spaces and strong support from Certified Coaches. With these tools, participants are able to engage their community, better understand the context of the community, recognize the strategic implications of their community context for action, and create spaces to support learning and recalibration. For a more focused effort, the Lab can be localized for a specific community or group. Learn More…

Getting Started – Hire A Harwood Coach

The Getting Started Package is a hands-on training by our Harwood Coaches available in 6– or 12–month packages. The experience is designed to help local organizations Turn Outward toward their community, develop and deepen their ability to lead Community Conversations, identify themes, and explore the implications for strategies, programs, and other efforts across the organization. Through onsite training and the ongoing  support of a Harwood coach, organizations will learn the key elements of the Harwood approach and implement a concrete plan to engage their community over time and leverage what they learn to become more impactful and relevant in their community. Contact Cheryl Gorman, Harwood Mentor Coach & Director of the Public Innovator Corps to learn more.

Public Innovators Summit – next Summit is Sept 12-14 in San Antonio

A three–day invitation-only event designed to bring together top leaders from across a number of sectors. The Summit allows leaders to gather in a safe space to connect with peers from various disciplines and explore some of the most pressing issues facing public life today. Learn More…

Speaking Engagements

A nationally–recognized authority on improving America’s communities and reengaging citizens, Rich’s keynote addresses and speeches are both deeply public, touching on today’s most complex and challenging issues, and also deeply personal – bringing the focus back to what individuals can do to make hope real.

Time and again, Rich proves to be an inspiring speaker, motivating audiences to Turn Outward, step forward, and lead their best public life. Learn More…