The Lab – Immerse yourself in the Harwood practice. Leave ready to take immediate action.

The Harwood Public Innovators Lab is a 3-day immersion in the Institute’s core approach to change. Participants learn how they can use our frameworks to start changing the way they and their organizations or community teams are doing their work so that their efforts become more effectively rooted in the context of their communities. We call this turning outward – having an orientation such that you use the community, not the conference room, as your reference point for the day-to-day and strategic decisions you make.

The Lab helps you better understand the extent to which you are turned outward toward the community in your work and how you can accelerate your efforts. It will get you on the path toward being able to:

  • Engage your community beyond the usual suspects to understand people’s shared aspirations.
  • Shift your relationship with the community through engagement – so that you aren’t simply seen as a customer service provider but are building will for people and groups to act together as partners.
  • Create or modify your strategies so they are aligned with your community’s capacity for change efforts – what we call a community’s “rhythms” or Stage of Community Life.
  • Assess the conditions that enable change in communities – what we call public capital – and learn how to build strategies to achieve your mission and create these conditions at the same time. The Lab is designed for participants to use the frameworks and tools to think through your current challenges.

It’s not a traditional training; the emphasis is on application. You will leave the Lab with a better understanding of what it takes to create deep change and some beginning steps you can take to accelerate your community work.

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Our goal is to develop 5,000 new public innovators by 2016. We believe communities need a new cadre of leaders so that we can get beyond the acrimony and divisiveness standing in the way of progress, make community a common enterprise again, and get things done together.

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