The Lab – Immerse yourself in the Harwood practice. Leave ready to take immediate action.

The Harwood Public Innovators Lab is a 2.5-day experience in the Institute’s core approach to change to help you and your organization learn what it means to turn outward – to use the community, not your conference room, as your reference point for choices and action. We recently redesigned the Lab to make it even more applied, more practical, with more hands-on tools you can take home to use. We focus on five areas in which public innovators need to make choices and give you a step-by-step approach to them.

Preview the Public Innovators Lab Agenda


Being Turned Outward 1) Make the personal choice to turn outward
2) Apply being turned outward to my daily choices
3) Embed turning outward across key functions
4) Engage others to turn outward
Understanding My Community 1) Focus on public knowledge
2) Ask the right questions
3) Understand what I am learning – and how to listen
4) Apply new knowledge to making sound decisions
5) Share what I am learning to build community ownership & allies
6) Use different engagement tools
7) Decide who to engage, where and how many
Creating Conditions for Change and Sustainability 1) Know the stage of my community and its implications for effective action
2) Identify the right conditions to accelerate and support change
Deciding on the Right Path 1) Identify my sphere of influence
2) Choose the best path to win
3) Create an action plan
Making an Agreement with Myself 1) Create a personal covenant
2) Identify what rejuvenates you

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