With our partners, we are creating a new thrust for public life and communities across the country. It can be done.

Be A Partner

We’ve placed a stake in the ground. Our contribution to public life is helping create a critical mass of Public Innovators and Boundary Spanning Organizations across the country that can help set communities and the country on a new trajectory. We know that we cannot do this alone – but by working in partnership with others, we can get this done.

Alliances — We partner with some of the largest nationally-networked organizations – like United Way Worldwide, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the American Library Association – to embed our approach as part of their new “DNA” in order to transform their relevance, significance, and impact in communities.

Individual organizations — We partner with local organizations that seek to become more relevant and significant by Turning Outward.

Each of these partners: Alliances, and individual organizations are essential to developing a critical mass of Public Innovators and Boundary Spanning Organizations. The good news is that those using our work are already starting to find each other and work together nationally and locally – from public broadcasters and United Ways to libraries and business leaders. This means that in communities across the country people are kick-starting their own efforts – united by their common belief in the importance of Turning Outward and inspired by their desire to make hope real.

Learn how we work with nationally networked organizations (Alliances), and individual organizations.

Interested in increasing your organization’s impact? Join Harwood’s growing list of partners by contacting Jennifer Barton, Director of Operations, to see how we can help you and your community.