Harwood in a Half Hour, a series of topics focusing on building skills to bolster you and your work in public life.

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When we talk with others about our aspirations we improve the chances that we can find some common ground to come together and get things done. Use this Harwood in a Half Hour on your own and then try it in a group setting – we have an Aspirations Facilitators Guide to help in leading the conversation!

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Turn Outward

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Turning Outward makes the community and the people the reference point for getting things done. Are you mostly turned inward or outward? Use the quiz to find out…

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What would it take for you to more fully Turn Outward?


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When we become more intentional about the choices we do make we can have far greater impact. After completing this Harwood in a Half Hour take another look at intentionality with this personal essay by Rich Harwood.

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Sustaining Yourself

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Getting people across the community to work together takes a great deal of personal commitment and energy. It’s important to make sure you keep your own “batteries charged” when you do this valuable and often difficult work.

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Act with intentionality


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